Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Look! I'm Holding a Fork!!!

I knew something was wrong...

I tried to be optimistic.
I told people, "No, I'm okay!".
I woke up every morning determined to do everything I wanted to do.

But I knew something was wrong.

Evenings were the worst.  By the end of the day I couldn't talk very well, I couldn't walk very far, and I couldn't hold a fork.

It was heavy, awkward, ineffective...and did I mention HEAVY?
All of a sudden using a fork was difficult.  I had to concentrate on an activity that used to be automatic!  Why was this so hard?

When I was able to lift a forkful of food to my mouth it was hard to chew...and sometimes food would fall out of my mouth!

It was discouraging, embarrassing, and NOT sexy.
The fork became my nemesis...

That's why using a fork today makes me smile!  My family lovingly endures my joyful outbursts. They watch my fork twirling routines. They cheer when I use two forks at the same time! (Actually SuperDad cheers...the ABCs smile weakly, shake their heads, and whisper, "Stop WonderMom! People are staring at us!") I know they are proud!

Look!  I'm Holding a Fork!!!  It's kind of a big deal!