Sunday, April 1, 2012

This Is Ridiculous!

It's my new "life phrase".  It accurately describes my current situation while remaining positive, lighthearted and appropriate. After all... I AM constantly reminding the ABCs to "be appropriate". Other appropriate phrases I now use daily include, "Seriously!?!" "Oh CRAP!" "Thank you for picking that up." "Dang it!" "No, no, I (eyes closed)...Thank you for doing that for me...(sigh)." 

Of course this post could not be a true Golden Lasso Tale if I didn't admit the TRUTH...Recently, I've had days where negative, heavy, inappropriate thoughts swirl in my head, roll down my cheek, or hang in the air above a broken glass. 

Ridiculous-absurd, comical, ludicrous, senseless, silly, foolish, stupid, fatuous, preposterous, nonsensical, senseless, outrageous.

"This is Ridiculous!"  
That's why I tried to ignore it.
 I tried to use my powerful, positive attitude to make it go away.
I didn't go to the doctor because I was going to be okay tomorrow...

Sometimes ridiculous things happen...
Sometimes I trip or fall down.
Sometimes I drop, well, everything.
Sometimes I can't multi-task...who am I kidding? I have lost this superpower.
Sometimes I am so exhausted that I can't do the things I love...or the laundry.
Sometimes I walk with a cane (like Yoda and Dr. House).
Sometimes my family gets frustrated when I leave my cane at home because I'm trying to walk without it and I get stuck.

Some of you are reading this and thinking...What???  Why didn't you say something??? 
Because I was trying to make it go away with my powerful, positive attitude!

I haven't written anything for a while.
I really didn't want to write about this...this ridiculousness.

Then I realized...this pretty powerful.

Powerful-fierce, passionate, ardent, strong, overpowering, overwhelming. important, dominant, compelling, convincing, persuasive, forceful.

I feel a new "life phrase" coming on...