Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful Collage

Yes we did!  We made a Thankful Collage in the Land of Learning today!  We looked through magazines and found pictures of things we were thankful for, cut them out, arranged them artistically on sheets of colorful construction paper, glued them into place and, finally, we wrote about our creations. 

Throughout my career as an educator I have used magazines for various projects.  Of course there have always been pictures of underwear and feminine hygiene products but now it seems that everything is sexy!  Gum, shampoo, laundry detergent, cake, washing machines...all sexy!  To avoid pages of inappropriate pictures, I gave my students old Highlights magazines to find pictures in.  Calm down!  It's alright!  They were from 2007 and 2008 (maybe 2009).

Within the pages filled with pictures of apple trees, puppies, grandmas, snakes, flowers, and dirtbikes, one student found...a picture of The Last Supper by Leonardo di Vinci.  He cut it out, arranged it and his other discoveries artistically on his sheet of colorful construction paper, glued them into place and, finally wrote...
I am thankful for God and his friends.

Thank you Highlights Magazine.

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  1. Me, TOO!!!!! I am ALSO thankful for God and His friends!!! And, I'm thankful for God and MY friends!