Friday, November 25, 2011


Yesterday my super amazing family loaded into the pickup truck and drove across the state to spend Thanksgiving with our loved ones.  Traveling is always an adventure...actually loading up is an adventure...

Cast of Travelers:
ABC2 (ABC stands for Amazing Boy Child) I know, it's clever!

ABC1-I call shotgun.
ABC2-You aren't even dressed yet.  You don't get to call shotgun!
SuperDad-Are you sure you want to take MiracleDog?
WonderMom-I already TOLD her she is going!  She's been planning on this for two days!
WonderMom-Is everyone ready to get in the vehicle?

ABC2-I'm dressed and I'm calling shotgun.
ABC1-(from bedroom) I ALREADY CALLED IT!

WonderMom to ABC 2-Why didn't you pack WonderDog's bag?
ABC2-SuperDad wasn't totally sure if she was going.
WonderMom-Did everyone HEAR me TELL her she was going? She's been planning on this for two days!

WonderMom to ABC1 through bedroom door-Ummm...Please take out the trash before you get in the vehicle.
ABC1-Okay, just let me get dressed.
WonderMom-YOU'RE NOT DRESSED? It's time to go!
ABC2-I told you he wasn't dressed!

SuperDad-Let's go!
WonderMom-ABC1 is getting dressed and he needs to take out the trash.
SuperDad-He's not dressed?
ABC2-I TOLD YOU he wasn't dressed and he's trying to call shotgun.
SuperDad-(Laughing) You have to be dressed to call shotgun!

And in the end we all loaded up!  We only had to go back inside once to get SuperDad's headphones and the homemade pumpkin log from the freezer!

Remember to find joy in the journey!!!

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